Riley Orchards Huge Subsidies is Coincident with Fracking Participation


Why, do you suppose, that Riley Orchards, (of Silver Lake Fracking Well fame) is suddenly receiving huge taxpayer subsidies:


Swanson Pickles, (owner of the first fracking well in Muskegon County) has been an old pig at the trough, having received over a million tax payer dollars since 1995.

For details, see:

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Correspondence with Steve Riley

 Steve Riley,

Thanks for your email.

However, it’s not easy to respond because every statement you made is either patently false or insanely illogical. Let’s start from the top.

I don’t know what the Trooper told you… [snip]

The video that you mentioned clearly shows Trooper Thomas saying that you, “… would be ok with meeting in order to answer any kind of questions”. How can you not know?


… but I am not interested in meeting with you.

Should I conclude that Trooper Thomas lied to me about you?


…Here is why: You have proven to be untrustworthy by trespassing… [snip]

Now let’s see: 1) you sold your community’s water rights, 2) you subjected your neighbors to fear and to chemical induced discomfort, 3) you risked poisoning these innocent families with Hydrogen Sulfide, 4) you actively hide the fact that the well operators did not follow regulations when they omitted the backflow containment walls, 4) you continue to produce and sell food grown on your land after blowback water with unspecified contaminants flooded the area, 5) you filed formal charges against a journalist because he visited that property, (property that you sold your rights to) in order that he report the matter objectively with a video record. Given all this, which of us is actually untrustworthy?


…and showing a blatent disregard for my privacy.

This is not a private affair. Water is a public resource. Air is publically owned. None of us is interested in you. The extent that your personal greed stands above concern for your neighbor’s is obvious, but that is incidental. (So is your weakness with spelling and grammar.) You should know that I will continue to post your emails, and respond to them publically. As I said, this is not a private affair between you and me. This is a public matter.


You are an activist and have a closed mind… [snip]

You know less about me than you do about the business you sold us out to. But that is irrelevant. 


The oil company… conduct themselves with professionalism, and follow all necessary guidelines. 

In fact, Ocean County Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Osborne detailed his difficulty with repeatedly allocating limited resources as a result of the complaints associated with the Riley Orchards fracking well. There was no information communicated in advance of the drilling and fracking operations, and there were no contact people at the Riley Well site during the calamities. In spite of the Federal “Right To Know Act”, County emergency response officials still do not know which chemicals were released into the air, the water, and onto your fields. Thus, they have not been able to ascertain the associated hazard level.


I… have not had any ill effects due to the fracking or any of the other processes.

Not yet, anyway. It sounds like you’ve been lucky so far.

Thanks again,



Mr. Mills, 

I don’t know what the Trooper told you, but I am not interested in meeting with you. Here is why: You have proven to be untrustworthy by trespassing and showing a blatent disregard for my privacy. I feel that anything I say to you will not be accurately portrayed in your web postings, and I will be made out to be something you make of me. You are an activist and have a closed mind on the matter despite what you say. The oil company leasing our land has been a pleasure to work with and conduct themselves with professionalism, and follow all necessary guidelines. I am very much in favor of what is going on, and have not had any ill effects due to the fracking or any of the other processes. This is all I have to say to you on the matter. Please do not contact me anymore and do not come on my property.


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To: Steve Riley,
Subject: RE: Weblog e-mail - Riley Well

 Mr. Riley,

The State trooper said you'd be ok with meeting in order to answer any kind of questions.

If that's the case, I would like to follow up.


Would this weekend be ok?


Any place would be fine with me.






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Subject: RE: Weblog e-mail - Riley Well
From: <>
Date: Wed, June 19, 2013 4:32 am
To: "Steve Riley" <>,

 Steve Riley,

I'm just doing my job.

`sorry that you don't like it.

I plan to visit your site again for a better picture. I need to get the "Christmas Tree" with the roadway in the background. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words.

I will let you know when I can drive up there again.

By the way, you can visit me any time for stomping around. I have nothing to hide.




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Subject: Weblog e-mail - Riley Well
From: "Steve Riley" <>
Date: Tue, June 18, 2013 2:35 pm

 Your recent bit you posted was sent to me by a friend. First off, you were trespassing when you drove on my land. If you come back again I will have you arrested. Second, I assume you drove a vehicle that consumes petrolium based fuel and oil. How do you think we get those things? They come out of the ground from a well much like you saw when you were trespassing. My house is the closest to the well, and I have had no complaints. One would think if you came up here to interview people you would want to talk to the people closest to the well. I never talked to you. You went to a meeting heavily biased against any kind of drilling for oil or gas, and the opinions presented there were probably based on a general ignorance rather that on any actual facts. You mentioned three accidents that occurred. Accidents happen in all areas of work. Go to a car plant, an office or a school, accidents happen. People like you need more to do, because you obviously have way too much time on your hands. Please say in Muskegon and keep your ignorance down there. I like it here next to that well you trespassed to see, so leave us alone. Also, next time you post something, leave your address and phone number, maybe I'll drive to your house and walk around your yard and take a few pics and post them online. Steve Riley

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New Video of Fracking Well at Riley Orchards


An anonymous source has provided OM-Live with a new video of the fracking well in Oceana County, MI, (near Silver Lake).

A red warning sign saying, "Danger Poison Gas" is seen hanging from the well head. 

The warning is thought to be an attempt to mitigate damages in any future court action.

The video can be seen on the OM News YouTube channel:

 You can see screen shots from the video on this page:

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Emotional Impulse or Logical Option?

I have developed a reputation for confronting politicians, bureaucrats, and "news reporters" in public. My friends remind me that angry words actually convey weakness, and that whatever underlying message I have is lost due to the perception of me as immature and unstable.


I’m actually embarrassed to show myself, for instance, recently mouthing off at M-Lie 'reporter' Steven Kloosterman*. It’s odd for an adult in our culture to be so obviously consumed with emotion. My mother raised me better. Instant appraisals surely have me identified as unsteady, and Steven to be pitied for his misfortune.


 But the issues we face are so important, and the facts are so clear, and the public is so ignorant, and the obligation is so urgent that our news media fulfill its purpose, that individuals like Steven Kloosterman - passively compliant links in the system’s chain of obedience, be made to feel pressure to do what’s right. If they continue, as Steven has, to mislead the voting public: those people who have come to trust, as well as to depend on a ‘free press’, (which is the only shield that democracy has ever known) then we must do whatever we can to bring the weight of that injury, that abuse of public trust, right home to its source, right back to the individual, to that person.


I don’t know any other way to do it. I don’t have power over his employment prospects in what has become of the journalistic world. I’m not his mother or father.


I see this situation as similar to those that foster vigilantism. This happens when laws are not enforced fairly. Chaos and disorder can be averted if a government addresses the needs of its offended citizens. More commonly, however, governments resort to lethal force in order to preserve order at all costs. “Vigilante justice” does not appeal to me. I much prefer sanity, democratic law, and order. But the world is full of situations that make vigilantism heroic. 


As with my general aversion to vigilantism, I would prefer that we each protect our personal dignity by showing respect for all people at all times. This would make sense if we weren’t discussing the end of democracy, of civilization as we know it. Public outbursts are legitimate, I believe, in our increasingly dire circumstances.


To make the point clear, consider the extreme example of Nazi Germany. Imagine any of the people responsible for killing Anne Frank for instance, and ask yourself if you can accept the argument that they were just doing their jobs and are thus not culpable. Would it not have been preferable for German citizens to vocally, publically, and harshly criticize the greedy bullies who built German Fascism before it grew and blossomed?


I do not accept the apology for individuals within an evil system by the claim that they are only doing their jobs; just following orders. As unseemly as it would have been for my mom fifty years ago, I think the time has come for us to make public life difficult for those who, wittingly or not, support the system that is selling us out.


Where you draw the line does not seem problematic. You would likely not blame a German for following orders if he had a gun at his head, but if he were profiting happily at the destruction of other people’s lives and culture, you likely would. If he could safely choose to support Fascism or Democracy, you would likely blame him for siding with Fascism. I would. In fact, I would make life as difficult as I could for him, within reason. It is probable that most of those responsible for the Nazi destruction were unaware at the time of what it was that they were contributing to. This highlights the logic behind personal public pressure on individuals who comply with mounting evil, before the possibility of public resistance is effectively lost.


I think the time has come for all of us to speak harshly, in public, to those who are actively or passively responsible for our culture’s looming demise.


* see: Steve Gets Spanked




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